Friday, 1 August 2014

A Bite at Frederiks

 Last week after spending the day at the beach my boyfriend and i needed somewhere to have a quick bite before heading to the movies . after hearing so many great things about Frederiks , and the fact that the giants were in Liverpool and no one could even get any closer to town via car . i suggested we went to Frederiks on hope street instead .
for some reason ( pure laziness ) i don't really go to hope street that often anymore and always stick to Liverpool one but since it was taking years hope street was the answer .

as we arrived , it was raining outside but the atmosphere on the inside was really relaxed and cool with what i could only describe as oldy music playing , it reminded me of my year six Bugzy Malone play but much older , sexier and cooler ( kind of a modern day speakeasy ) . although i am from the drake and Yolo generation i can still appreciate this kind of vibe .

on arrival we were greeted by one of the staff and seated . she then came over to explain how it works . Although Frederiks is an American style eater and bar ( Brooklyn inspired ) they serve food tapas style . which i love as I'm more of a nibbles and cocktails kind of girl .
so if you are after enormous cavemen type portions , this isn't the place .

For our drinks Alan had a glass of white wine ( not quite sure which one ) and i had a glass of the Frederiks white wine . which kind of made me nervous .

the last time i tried someones special home made brew i was at a house party , it was was the birthday girl's uncle jacks home made wine . let just say i don't remember what happened and it took two people to carry me home .
so now i stick to wines made from vineyards far away from uncle jack .
surprise , surprise Frederiks own wine wasn't half bad . it wasn't the best I've ever had but it was far from horrible , i actually enjoyed it . this set the tone for the rest of the evening .

 Since the portions were tapas style which is perfect for sharing . i decided to choose 2 things off the menu and Alan 2 and we will share . i really wanted sliders but they didn't have any , so i settled for  the pulled pork waffle stack , with maple bourbon syrup , and the baby back ribs , with sticky strawberry and cinnamon - glaze .

i have to say i have never been to America nor had the American dream bug in me , I'm more of an European girl ,
you say " Paris" and i say " bien sure " whilst biting on a croissant .
so the thought of pulled pork on Belgium waffles seemed so odd to me , surely waffles belong with nutella ?
 i guess once in Brooklyn ( on hope street ) you do as the Brooklyn people do . which i did , and  it was actually a great combination . i loved it .
the only thing is i wished the pulled pork had a smokey flavour to it . when meat is prepared on a fire and it holds that certain smokiness from charcoal its the best flavour on earth , which would have made this dish extra yummy .
i loved the ribs too , i didn't taste any of the strawberry and Cinnamon glaze , but overall the ribs were great . they had a great kick to them !!! so if you cant handle heat i would say put the ribs down or ask them to go easy on the chillies . 

Alan ordered the salt and pepper king prawns as well as the buffalo mozzarella , tomato , and basil pizza . when they arrived , my mouth nearly dropped . not just because i was starved but these prawns were HUMONGOUS !!!! its a shame that there was only 3 on the plate ( at this point i did wish for the enormous cavemen style portion ) 
but they were lovely . the only downside to the prawns was that all the flavour was on the shells and not the actual prawn meat . 
as for the pizza . with all honesty i gave up on pizza ( in fact all Italian food ) since i went on holiday to Verona like 4 years ago . no amount of Bella itallia can compare to what i had in Verona . but this pizza did stir a bit of those Verona 2011 memories and if all vegetarian food tasted as good as this vegetarian pizza then old MacDonald's can keep his cows !!!

overall i had a great experience . i definitely will be back for more . i was told about the great range of beers and cocktails after my visit and i am just excited to comeback and try it out .


32 Hope Street, Liverpool. L1 9BX • 
T: 0151 708 9574.
32 Hope Street, Liverpool

L1 9BX • T:
 0151 708 9574

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